Quality Technology Products for Less

We are buyers and sellers of used IT equipment

Does your company have used IT assets that you would like to liquidate? If so, eParts and More offers liquidation services to help you liquidate your used computer equipment. We liquidate the following computer equipment on a daily basis:  laptops, desktops, towers, monitors, and computer parts.  We also liquidate all kinds of networking equipment such as switches, routers, firewalls, gateways, servers. We buy from these manufacturers: Cisco, HP, Acer, Apple, Gateway, Dell, Compaq, Motion Computing, Netgear, Sonicwall, EMC, Barracuda, F5 Networks, IBM, Avaya, Intel, NEC, Nortel, and many other companies!   eParts and More’s surplus IT asset liquidation services is a fast and easy resource that you could utilize to gain extra cash for your business by getting rid of unwanted surplus equipment.

It is a very simple process for us to liquidate all of your IT assets, here’s how we do it:

  1. Send us a list of all of your assets that you want to liquidate
  2. We will do a valuation analysis of your assets to determine it’s value on the secondary market
  3. We handle all of the logistics involved with the sale of equipment on the secondary market
  4. We will pay you after the sale upon receipt to our facility